Monday, 25 February 2013

Morrigan vs. Iron Man

As everybody is aware and excited, Iron Man 3 and Darkstalkers Ressurection is coming soon! Here's a little extra hype for all Iron Man and Darkstalker fans.

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Round Three: Morrigan Aensland vs. Anthony "Tony" Stark (Iron Man)
What do you get when you put a succubi with the the playboy billionaire in the same room? A lot of fun for both fighters and all the audience around. Although with these two, the whole city is their bedroom.

Maybe if Stark didn't use up all of his Arc Reactor's power on his thrusters he would've done something that could have been fatal to Morrigan - pun intended. ;)

The armor gave me the most trouble, the level of detail was a huge shift from drawing very basic characters (like the Citacup and Calamaori) but it's good to be back into drawing more completed works and I hope to keep the momentum going.

Although the classic red and gold version is much simpler in terms of the level of details, the bolts and nuts etc. to draw but I decided to use the Mark V armor here because that's personally my favourite one and I love the silver on it as well as trying to keep some form of interest away from Morrigan and on Iron Man. (But then again, it wasn't a fair fight the Mark V is heavily outclassed by later models and are only equipped with Repulsor Blasts).

Sometimes I like to call him Island Man, as that's what it sounds like if you tag out to Iron Man from Morrigan or perform a TAC/DHCon UMvC3. Anyway, as usual progression can be found below.
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