Saturday, 19 January 2013

Darkstalkers Competition

After a long hiatus from drawing, I feel as though I'm back to square one.

A character concept design for Capcom's "Darkstalkers Ressurection: Embrace the Dark" character creation competition.


Lethe (Thérèse Czyżyk)

Country of Origin: Ukraine
Type: Leviathan
Birth Year: 1985
Height: 159 cm
Weight: 62 kg

Born on an airplane during a flight from Ukraine to France and raised in France. Her mother passed away moments after giving birth on the plane and at the age of 14 her father became neck deep in debt and Thérèse was forcibly taken away by a drug lord until he could pay her back. Ten years later, Thérèse escapes and tramples on forbidden grounds of Ornica (one of the many hell gates scattered around the world) in search of a new home; she awakens the sealed spirit of the demon Leviathan from the early days of the creation.
Minutes after gaining the power of the Leviathan, the men of the drug lord catches up to her to try and retrieve her. Within moments of touching her, their lungs were filled up and drowned. Thérèse gained superhuman strength and the magical power to control water but in exchange becomes host for the Leviathan spirit which at times becomes too strong for her to control in its rampage.
Fueled by revenge, she tracks down every drug lord in the country in search for her long lost father. With no sign of her father, three years later she became known as Lethe; named after the river of oblivion.

Lethe is capable to materialize her scarf into a small version of Leviathan’s tail and use it in combat to attack.
Among other materialization, she can bring forth the teeth of Leviathan with each punch to add extra devastation.


Start Quotes:

Versus beast characters: “I'll show you why they call me the king over all majestic wild beasts.”
Versus weapon users: “No blacksmith can make a weapon worthy of my notice.”
Versus high status characters: “The ocean itself bows before me.”
Common start quote: “Many have tried to slay this beast but none have succeeded.”
Common start quote: “Step aside - You are not the one I seek.”
Common start quote: “I have no equal.”
Common start quote: “God Himself said any hope of overcoming me is false.”

Win quotes:

Perfect victory: “Just another day at the beach.”
High health win: “Would you just die already? You look like a fish out of its bowl.”
Near death win: “What a fight. I don’t think this is water.”
Versus common male characters: “There’s plenty more fish in the sea, you’ll get one someday.”
Versus common female characters: “Look at you, we just started and you’re already all wet.”
Versus Felicia: “Sorry, I’m not on the menu.”
Versus Morrigan: “You’ve long lived past your expiry date.”
Versus Hsien-Ko/Anakaris/Lord Raptor: “You’re better off dead.”
Versus Bishamon: “The sword itself does not prove equal, nor spear, dart or arrowhead.”
Versus Demitri Maximoff: “Flock off!”
Versus Huitzil: “Don’t compare me to the likes of dinosaurs.”
Versus Jon Talbain: “I know your pain but I don’t have the answer you seek.”
Versus Pyron: “I’m fated to live until Armageddon.”

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