Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Citacup Game Development 03

A little more rework on the HUD, adding the timer at the middle and the Token percentage collected.

The Tokens will play a very large role into the final score at the end of each stage. They do not need to be fully collected but whatever percentage of Tokens collected is what the final score will be multiplied by. So a perfect score can only be achieved by 100% Token collection.

Full scoring system below:

Score Type
Score Mechanic
1000 Cita Points (CP)
Base points awarded
Time Subtraction
Lose points for every second spent
Enemy Addition
Gain points for stopping enemies
Life Multiplier/Divider
No Death: CP ×2
One or more Deaths: CP ÷ Number of Deaths
Difficulty Multiplier
Bronze: CP ×1.5
Silver: CP ×1.25
Gold: CP ×1
Token Multiplier
CP × Token%

Return shortly for more updates on Citacup.

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