Sunday, 2 December 2012

Citacup Game Development 01

A few days ago I finished making the animation for the controlling character, Citacup.
Today I present you the first the first sneak peek of Citacup's game development. In the video below demonstrates the basic programming of Citacup walking, jumping and falling on platforms.

Colours are fully customisable with 16 default presets, as are the buttons with the default inputs below:

Default Keyboard Input
Move Left

Move Right



Rotate Room CCW / Cancel Menu
Rotate Room CW / Confirm Menu

The room rotation has not yet been implemented but the aim of the game is to reach a certain point of a stage by walking/hopping, jumping obstacles and rotating the room to access places that are otherwise impossible to reach.

Planning on making around 30-40 stages divided up into different terrains that should keep players interested by having new/different background art, different interact-able terrain and their stage specific enemies.

Multiple difficulties to add replay value and to challenge players for highest scores and/or fastest times.
- Bronze Cup
- Silver Cup
- Gold Cup
- Half Empty Cup
- Half Full Cup

The Bronze, Silver and Gold are the Easy, Normal and Hard mode equivalents respectively. The HEC and HFC Cup modes have more drastic changes to the difficulty of the game where HEC as it's name suggests empties the stages of their blocks making the player have less ground to walk across and utilising the rotation more. The HFC mode increases the stages enemies making trespassing much harder.

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