Saturday, 6 October 2012

Zenith & Nadir

Drawing for a competition held by the course I'm studying under. The task is to design a character(s) without a background to go on a 2m tall, 1m wide banner which of course, got me excited.

After many sketch trials, research and observational(life) drawings this is what I came up with.

I liked the poses I ended up with; but I wasn't sure how to increase the height of the whole image so I attempted to use this massive plushy elephant. Not happy at all with the final result but all it means is I need to practise drawing some more.

Characters for Project: Senopia's Rosaneous Kingdom: The Garden of Gods.
Zimena(Zenith) and Nadia(Nadir) are the overseers of the sky and earth respectively; with the authority to command the armies of Enix and Alvagor - Two of the four great allied forces of Arkstera (the other two being Curastratos and Theiadis under the command of other supreme beings).

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  1. Nice poses, and the clothing is good too. However the girl on the right needs a longer arm, and her facial structure looks a bit off too. Just thoughts to get you further in the comp.