Monday, 30 July 2012

Life Drawing 3

Well that awesome life drawing model from that other time came back for today's session.
I thought there were some really nice poses (top right, middle row and bottom left) of the single minute drawings.

I had 10 minutes for the drawing on the right which I thought was pretty neat so there you go! Life drawing for the day (and possible weeks).

Tuesday, 24 July 2012


There are various interpretations to the form of a siren one being a mermaid with a fish tail and the other similar to harpies with bird-like features.

I have chosen to go with the bird-like version, body change subject of Demeter; one of the Olympian goddesses.

This design is for yet another entry for a T-Shirt design for Deviant Art with the theme of "Mythological Creatures" and this siren with the irresistibly chaotic voice that causes sailors to shipwreck.
As with the previous contest entry Musical Vigor, there is the same limitation of a maximum of five colours.

For this personalisation of the Siren (I named Euʧezra), I have chosen to dress her in modern clothing as most siren designs are pretty dull as they are mostly naked and overused. To mix with those modern clothing, I have added a pirate theme  because they were the cause of several shipwrecks and thus placing them under the ocean's criminals list so I thought that this might be appropriate.

The pose such that her body is arched to imply well inhaled to be capable of releasing a powerful voice and to point the direction of her next target.

You can vote for me here. All votes greatly appreciated.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Baby Animation

Finally back after 3 weeks of inactivity with a new scene!

Third term of my animation course has started and the scene of the week is to make a baby react to something while staring off-screen then to stand up and take two steps.

This week's challenge for me was to animate the scene fully without line testing it until it's done, so what you see here (believe it or not) is my first line test. It may sound stupid and pointless but I was attempting to strengthen my mental interpretation of the scene without depending on a software; well in a way it can't really helped in a way since there are a lot of students, very few scanners and computers to test on in ratio.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Musical Vigor

Indulge yourself in the universal refresher that is music.

How convenient! To have the Illustration Friday topic, "Refresh" to synch with this design T-Shirt competition on dA where the only limitation is using only up to 5 colours.

If you could vote and support me I would greatly appreciate it.

Often when I get tired or run out of ideas, if a good music shuffles in I can instantly get back into a drawing/creative mood . This is the product of this musical vigor.