Saturday, 30 June 2012

Vergil vs. Hulk

Round Two: Vergil vs. Bruce Banner (a.k.a Hulk)
The one to defeat the Incredible Hulk is none other than one of my antagonists of all times from Devil May Cry 3, Vergil.

There's more to fighting that pure strength, maybe if the Hulk wasn't so hellbent on smashing things he could have figured this out and prolong his death.

Pardon my different colour/shading styles in each character. This was done over a week or so in which I've been experimenting different styles of colour and shading and they were both done differently so it looks a little bit out of place.

Anyway, the second of the set; you may remember seeing the first here and I must say it's a nice improvement since then, but with that said I still don't like it. There will be four more battles coming up so I hope that they'll continue to progress better and better.

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