Thursday, 7 June 2012

Arnold Nime

First dialogue scene of the year of "Arnold Nime", a typical nerd/geek looking character saying "Seriously? Hahahahahaha". Completed with one day less than usual due to public holiday. Having to listen to the dialogue almost more than my favourite songs, it can get really irritating but satisfying when done correctly.

There are still plenty of inbetweens that I can and need to add to make flow even more smoothly but for now, this linetest is sufficient to see the main movements and lip-synch.

The voice has been edited because I've heard enough of the original and it's getting to the point of irritation that I had to change it somehow; besides in my honest opinion, I think the original voice was too deep for such a thin and nerdy character anyway.

A little bit of Maya animation of Peggy doing even more walk cycles. Watch it on repeat to see the it clearer.
The left walk has more bounce and sway; whereas the right walk cycle is more casual.

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