Sunday, 1 April 2012

Rien's Fate

I didn’t intend to have another downshot perspective of another cylinder like I did with the Fairy drawing but oh well. This is an Ankama, Wakfu-inspired style.

You can find their artwork here, they're very inspiring so take some time to check it out.


Ancient tablets taught Rien techniques forbidden to all but the Gods. A prophet that lacks physical strength but equipped with incredible insight that allows the evasion of attacks by predicting future events to compensate.

Their motives are as unknown as the amount of wisdom absorbed from the ancient tablets, but what is certain is that they enjoy the thrill of a fight. Rien’s are capable of bending the laws of fate by reanimating the dead and building armies out of the sand in her hourglass allowing a single Rien to be as powerful as a whole army.

For those of you interested in the step by step process, I've also included that below.

Step One: The most important step to learning a new style, Research and Idea Sketches. A lot of writing and random doodles come here so I won't upload those thought processes but this is a must do.

Step Two: Rough pencil sketch and placement, allow more page/screen space on the side the character's facing. (Left)

Step Three: Simple Gradient Background, Title, Icon and Main Outline of the character. (Right)

Strong silhouettes are important, and at this point you'll find out whether or not you have it.

Step Four: Added the little Wakfu logo down the bottom and the rest of the line work that goes within the Main Outline of the character. (Left)

It's still looking very flat at this point but you can start to see the pieces coming together nicely.

 I didn't outline the glass, skull or sand because I don't want the props to over power the character.

Step Five: Once all the linework is complete, added flat colours as the base before adding light and shade. (Right)

The colours used were chosen because I've always liked gold-yellow with either black or dark blue and since this colour theme hasn't been previously used in the 14 current Wakfu classes, I decided to use it.

Still looking plain and boring at this point, we need shadow!

Step Six: Establish a light source and map out your shadow. For this I decided to place the light on the right side of the screen. (Left)

Step Seven: Up next comes the gradient shading and highlights. Add highlights only on certain points so it doesn't look like she's metallic and super shiny. (Right)

Step Eight: The final touch ups and error fixes. These include the previously missed out prop -the skull-, the blush effect and any poor line work. (See top image)

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