Monday, 9 April 2012

My Kind of Rain

"Well, this is my kind of rain. No wonder the sky looks so funny today."
        ~ Reference to Dante's quote from Devil May Cry 3.

Most of these were done in 2011 and you can probably tell by how the style is slightly different to the fairy.
Of these 13 character concepts, one is done in 2012 and one sometime in 2009.

I'm not entirely happy with all of them but they're part of one collection so I thought I'd put them all together and upload it together rather than individually to balance the weaker drawings with the stronger ones.

If this has interested you enough to read down to here, then you would have noticed that all the characters are female. Yes, I do tend to draw female characters more often than male and that's a problem I have to face sooner or later so you can expect some male characters in some future uploads!

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