Sunday, 30 December 2012

Citacup Game Development 04

Today's episode of Citacup's sneak peek features the timer to not start until the player passes a certain point.
A bit of background colour to improve appeal with very minor effort and the latest feature to allow touch screen controls when ported into iPads, Tablets, iOS and Android systems.

The tutorial stage also has 2 different versions, one for keyboard controls and one for touch screen controls.
The touch screen controls are pretty easy to get used to and shouldn't be too confusing.

  • Hold the arrow pointing left on the left side of the screen to move left.
  • Hold the arrow pointing right on the right side of the screen to move right.
  • Touch the center of the screen (Cita) to jump, the jump height can be extended when held by a little bit.
  • Crouching is currently not implemented yet but will be anywhere across the bottom of the screen to crouch.
  • Rotating requires you to press the center of the screen across the top above Cita (so that you don't initiate a jump) then swipe horizontally across left or right depending on which direction you want to rotate.

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Citacup Game Development 03

A little more rework on the HUD, adding the timer at the middle and the Token percentage collected.

The Tokens will play a very large role into the final score at the end of each stage. They do not need to be fully collected but whatever percentage of Tokens collected is what the final score will be multiplied by. So a perfect score can only be achieved by 100% Token collection.

Full scoring system below:

Score Type
Score Mechanic
1000 Cita Points (CP)
Base points awarded
Time Subtraction
Lose points for every second spent
Enemy Addition
Gain points for stopping enemies
Life Multiplier/Divider
No Death: CP ×2
One or more Deaths: CP ÷ Number of Deaths
Difficulty Multiplier
Bronze: CP ×1.5
Silver: CP ×1.25
Gold: CP ×1
Token Multiplier
CP × Token%

Return shortly for more updates on Citacup.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Citacup Game Development 02

Returning with more inside looks at the Citacup game development.

A HUD that shows the Difficulty and Rotation Availability has been added (score/time coming soon).
Bronze, Silver and Gold difficulty will have their corresponding difficulty colours while HEC and HFC will have their own unique colour scheme.

The rotation feature has also been implemented making wall crawling possible!

More exciting updates will follow, Enjoy!

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Second Year End

The final scene of the year from course. Animated over two slow and slacking days with a dreadful character design.

It has been a fun year, progressive and educational. Hopefully it's enough to get me by in a studio, otherwise I'll be practising more until then.

The CitaCup game has it's main mechanics finished and are almost up to the level designing stage so expect more of Cita soon.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Citacup Game Development 01

A few days ago I finished making the animation for the controlling character, Citacup.
Today I present you the first the first sneak peek of Citacup's game development. In the video below demonstrates the basic programming of Citacup walking, jumping and falling on platforms.

Colours are fully customisable with 16 default presets, as are the buttons with the default inputs below:

Default Keyboard Input
Move Left

Move Right



Rotate Room CCW / Cancel Menu
Rotate Room CW / Confirm Menu

The room rotation has not yet been implemented but the aim of the game is to reach a certain point of a stage by walking/hopping, jumping obstacles and rotating the room to access places that are otherwise impossible to reach.

Planning on making around 30-40 stages divided up into different terrains that should keep players interested by having new/different background art, different interact-able terrain and their stage specific enemies.

Multiple difficulties to add replay value and to challenge players for highest scores and/or fastest times.
- Bronze Cup
- Silver Cup
- Gold Cup
- Half Empty Cup
- Half Full Cup

The Bronze, Silver and Gold are the Easy, Normal and Hard mode equivalents respectively. The HEC and HFC Cup modes have more drastic changes to the difficulty of the game where HEC as it's name suggests empties the stages of their blocks making the player have less ground to walk across and utilising the rotation more. The HFC mode increases the stages enemies making trespassing much harder.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Citacup Game

A few GIF animations on a simple and returning character (Citacup) for a new platform game idea.

Cita Idle
Cita Walk
Cita Jump

The player will be given the option to customise their Citacup to have it rendered in a different colour from the template to the left.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Back in Black

A few more Zodiac Tattoo Designs below.

For two very talented and influential artists that inspired me to do better.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Sencil Sketches Logo Animation (Citacup)

I've been doing some work for logos recently and found some peace in it. Getting paid low for logos but it's still higher than my part time job pay in terms of time:pay ratio.

Below is just a short animation preview for my logo that I've decided to make for any future shorts I may make myself.

It will most likely be developed further, sound effects, possibly the animation itself and a voice over saying "Sencil Sketches" right after it appears.

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Animation: I Quit

The lip-synch is slightly off but if you pay attention it's quite noticeable (some exporting error) but otherwise, this is the scene given to my class for the animation assessment.

Short but tedious, I could use a lot more practise so a fail would not be unexpected, though I wouldn't mind passing on first go.

Edit: Changed pose slightly in the first half and the hands and face of the second half.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Announcing: Zodiac Tattoos

My latest addition to my Zodiac Tattoo designs. Just announcing that I will be taking commissions for these should anyone be interested in having one made for themselves or someone else.

Click here to see past work and designs.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Sencil Sketches Logo Concepts

Just a few designs made by very simple shaped vectors (originally pencil sketch designs), duplicated, shifted, rotated and flipped to try out just a few of the infinite combinations of designs that can be made from minor changes.

I quite like the ones that make the "S" shape with the negative space (designs: 35, 36, 40 and 46) and also the positives (designs: 6, 8, 12, 23 and 41).

Other non-s designs: 4, 20 and 24 are quite appealing too although they would then have an empty meaning.

Further game development logos research and studies to analyse font style, placement, colour usage, overall shape, boxing, memorability, appeal and simplicity/complexity to narrow down my choices and decide a font style.

Below are the top three rated and most voted concepts with the first font trials.

All three designs have a rotational symmetry of two and two variant forms of the writing being either beside (similar to Ignition Entertainment) or underneath the logo design (similar to Ubisoft and the other logos on the left hand side of the studies). All designs are also left as a single black colour to simplify it's appearance as the designs are more complex than most of the logos above in the studies as most of the shapes from the studies are either squares, rectangles, circles or ovals.

The top design (taken from design 36) symbolises the natural flow of sketches while also remaining simple enough to be described as "the logo with the S inside the two flicks".

The second design (taken from design 46) is more complex but demonstrates more appeal by taking up a larger amount of on-screen space although in the version on the right, the logo can be encased in a rectangle much better than the top design as it would have less empty spaces (imitating SNK Playmore and Blizzard).

The lower design (taken from design 23) continues the sketch flow however the inconsistencies in directional flicks off the "S" reduces the appeal. However this design allows the use of the logo as the "S" similar to how Activision modified the V so that it's incorporated nicely into the logo design.

Knocked out design 23, reduced font sizes and the S on either end have been made larger to encase the overall design. Gradient, Monotone and Dual-tone trials. Gradients are too overpowering and disengaging.

Monotone and Dual-tone designs could work but the right colours need to be chosen to get the desired maximum appeal of the design.

So I've decided to use design 36. Now just to decide which colours I want to use out of the 4 (saturated and desaturated) choices above.
  • The yellow-brown in column one is closest to the blog colours and even more so: sketch papers than the other three.
  • The green reminds me of mint and out of the logo studies above, no other companies use mint green (or at least this type of green), only lime green probably because it isn't that powerful of a colour.
  • The red is the more dominant of the four colours above, apart from FunCom the other companies that use red are blood red rather than more towards purple probably for the same reason as the green; that it's more eye-catching.
  • The blue is a disturbing colour of blue to me and I don't really like it. It's almost just as rare as the yellow.
Given that my theme is "sketches" and  it's part of the logo title I think it would be more appropriate to choose the yellow-brown colour scheme. Seeing as I chose the "S" shaped design earlier to fit with Sencil Sketches I may as well continue and stay true to it by keeping the colours similar to what I've always used in this blog.

Depending on the background, I will alternate the colours between the saturated and desaturated version so that it may stand out better. For the blog header in particular, I've used the desaturated version.


While on the topic of logos, here's some "X" logo comcepts I did for a freelance job.

Sunday, 14 October 2012


This is my first commission for the Adora Project. The theme I chose from her wishlist "Adora @ SimCity 4" and this is the design I came up with.

My client liked it so I'm happy.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

Zenith & Nadir

Drawing for a competition held by the course I'm studying under. The task is to design a character(s) without a background to go on a 2m tall, 1m wide banner which of course, got me excited.

After many sketch trials, research and observational(life) drawings this is what I came up with.

I liked the poses I ended up with; but I wasn't sure how to increase the height of the whole image so I attempted to use this massive plushy elephant. Not happy at all with the final result but all it means is I need to practise drawing some more.

Characters for Project: Senopia's Rosaneous Kingdom: The Garden of Gods.
Zimena(Zenith) and Nadia(Nadir) are the overseers of the sky and earth respectively; with the authority to command the armies of Enix and Alvagor - Two of the four great allied forces of Arkstera (the other two being Curastratos and Theiadis under the command of other supreme beings).

Monday, 1 October 2012

Arie Fox Revamped

This is what I came up with after all of these.

I'm not particularly happy with this one, one reason being that it's rushed but it's experimental so it's alright.

Just playing around with various blending modes and brush settings and it ended up this way.

For future reference for myself, I'll know what I need to avoid when shading/colouring in this style.

Friday, 28 September 2012

11 Second Club: September

Well I’m really testing my limits with trying to attempt fish-eye lens perspective view into my animation when I’m still somewhat struggling with three-point perspective.

"Keep it simple" is a good guideline to have when animating otherwise I would struggle by attempting unnecessary animations. I definitely did struggle but to catch up to people with tons more experience than me: I concluded that I had to really push myself beyond the norm.

11 Second Club: September 2012
Dialogue: “Maybe tomorrow really isn’t coming. And maybe... just maybe... I’ve earned the right to live a little before I die. Haven’t I?”

Completion Status
Idea Generation
Dialogue Dope
Character Design
Key Poses
Key Poses



Unused (Film Challenge Project)

Key Poses
Key Poses
Key Poses

Key Poses


Base Colour Application
Base Colour Application
Shadow Application



Completed and submitted with over 72 hours to spare but I've got many other competitions to attend to which I need to make time for.

I ranked 62 out of 195 and was ranked 4.84. The top rank was 8.57 out of 11. So it looks I did pretty badly but I will continue to improve.